Francesco Parisi Group has always sought to keep a high technological profile through various projects and applications.
The infrastructure ICT (information and communication technology) company, housed in a modern and structured data center, is realized with advanced technologies that provide security, stability and high performance and utilizes hardware and software products of leading brands in the market.
To get the achievement of two important objectives, optimization of the internal structure and improving service levels, management has chosen outsourcing as a form of management of the computer.
The consulting and service companies specializing in such activities and concentrated, combined with the use of ERP (enterprise resource planning) built and calibrated to respond effectively to the needs of our market, to allow Francesco Parisi to focus on core business and gain the maximum of the technology used.
Particular attention has been given to the systems of protection of data and applications in order to ensure business continuity even in case of problems can not be planned.
They were introduced additional hardware and software tools that extend the security of corporate data given the recent escalation in the proliferation of viruses, malware and cyber attacks.
The criteria followed in achieving our technological systems allow for significant scalability and flexibility to grow and to changing operational requirements thanks to the peculiarities of the virtual environment used. The constant and preventive maintenance systems.