Francesco Parisi S.p.A. is a Shipping and Freight Forwarding Group of Companies established by Francesco Parisi (1778-1813) in Trieste and present in Central Europe since 1807


The Company was always close to the commercial life of Trieste's emporium which went through great trade times at the beginning of '800.

In 1803 the trade of the port of Trieste was worth more than 70 millions Florint but in 1813 during the Napoleonic occupation a drastic decline took down said trade to 2 millions Florint.

The return of the Austro-Hungaric Empire spread hopes of development for the port of Trieste, but in the reality, no commerce enhancements came until 1820.

La sede di Vienna a cavallo fra l'800 e il '900

Wien's brunch between years '800 and '900


The awakening of the city came in the third decade of '800 when Assicurazioni Generali, Riunione Adriatica di Sicurtà and Lloyd Austriaco were established.

The phase that set the growth of  Francesco Parisi Company is the second half of the '800: Vienna Branch was opened (1857) and the company became international in every aspect.

Sede di Trieste dal 1826-1885

Headquarters from 1826 to 1885


From 1859 to 1866 Austria lost Lombardy and Veneto Regions, and this forced the Group to open a Branch in Venice in 1872.
At that time the war between France and Germany created new possibilities for Trieste, due to the paralysis of Hamburg and Brema ports.

The need to reach the German market resulted in the opening of the Munich Branch (1879).

Centenario Francesco Parisi 1907

Company centenary (1907)


In the meantime the industrial development of Northern Italy convinced the Company to open in 1882 a branch in Genoa, the largest port of the area.
For the same reason two decades later Milan Branch was also opened (1898).
Throughout the '900, besides celebrating its 100th Anniversary (1907), Francesco Parisi opened and closed various Branches all around Eastern and Western Europe following the prevaling trades.


Sede di Monaco di Baviera a fine '800

Munich Branch at the beginning of years'50


The post-Second World War period proved to be particulary flourishing: the Group took part in the transportation of raw and finished materials for the reconstruction of Eastern Europe.
At the end of the 40s the Group had to close most of its Eastern European Branches for political reasons. However at the same time Parisi crossed the Oceans establishing an Associate Branch in New York City.

New York anni '40

New York (at the end of '40)


During the 70s the expansion touched for the first time the Asian continent with the establishment of a company of the Group in Israel.
Following the constant growth and demand of the Far East markets Francesco Parisi Company opened up an office followed by an expansion in China, Taiwan, Vietnam. Hong Kong Branch offices were opened in 2004.

Hong Kong 2004

Hong Kong (2004)

Since its originy the Company has been controlled by the Parisi family - today the eighth generation in business.

400 employees in 7 countries, a world-wide network of agents and correspondents, over 100.000 sqm of covered warehouses for the storage and distribution of goods can only briefly describe the size of the Group.

The main feature of Francesco Parisi Group is the tailor-made solution for every possible logistic requirement of its customers in the supply chain

02 Sea Transport

10 Air Transport


11 Storage and Distribution